RF Thermage® Beauty Device

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Described as a non-invasive ‘face lift’, Thermage® skin tightening smooths, tightens and contours your skin whilst reducing the signs of ageing.

Thermage® skin tightening uses radio frequency to gently heat the deep dermis layer of skin responsible for collagen production. It works to tighten existing collagen and stimulate new collagen production, resulting in a smoother, firmer and more youthful complexion.  

Thermage® skin tightening can be used to treat most areas of the face and body.


RF radio frequency facial skin care device face lifting tightening wrinkle removal beauty device.

RF is a heat penetration treatment, transmitting high frequency alternative electromagnetic wave energy to the underlying skin to increase the underlying skin collagen contraction and thickness and density to promote healing, lifting to  skin, tightening skin and reducing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity and lustre.

Treatment effects:   
1. Skin tightening
2. Face lifting
3. Remove wrinkles and smooth fine lines
4. Shrink pores and skin rejuvenation
5. Restore skin elasticity
6. Improve skin texture
7. Skin whitening
8. Anti-aging

RF (Radio Frequency): RF is the latest beauty technology. RF skin-tightening treatment is an effective way to rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity. The RF beams heat the dermis, the deepest skin layer, without damaging the epidermis, the top layer of skin. It stimulates the structural change of the collagen fibres and elastic fibres to its original elasticity, reducing lines and wrinkles. An immediate skin-tightening effect can then be achieved without risk.

Not suitable for anyone who: 

  • Is pregnant or breastfeeding  
  • Is a chronic user of anti-inflammatories or corticosteroids  
  • Has a pacemaker, defibrillator, implanted electronic device or ICD 
  • Is severely obese or whose weight fluctuates significantly 
  • Has poor skin quality including severe sun damage and elastosis 
  • Has poor fibroblast response 
  • Has epilepsy  
  • Has blood or skin infections

If you are unsure, contact your doctor.

After treatment expectations:

A feeling like sunburn which can include redness, itching or swelling. This is usually resolved within one to two days.

Post treatment care:

There is no special care needed after this treatment. Most can return to their regular activities immediately.  

Good quality skincare is recommended to enhance results.


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