Heated LED Therapy Eye Massager


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Stressed? Tired? Concerned about wrinkles? Relax with our Heated LED Therapy Eye Massager at work or home when you need it most. This is a professional strength eye massaging device that helps reduce darkness and puffiness of the eye area. Gentle vibration to help blood circulation in the eye area which reduces dark circles and puffiness. The built in light therapy produces red, blue and yellow lights that increases skin elasticity and kill bacteria that causes acne.


1. Promote skin cell metabolism, fade dark circles, reduce eye bags and dark circles, increase skin elasticity, relieve fatigue
2. Reduce inflammation, eliminate Acne, balance skin oil & moisture level
3. Activate collagen fibres, reduce wrinkles

1. Warm therapy at 40 degrees to effectively promote skin metabolism, fade dark circles, improve eye bags, make skin more elastic.
2. Vibration massage: High frequency vibration to stimulate eye area blood circulation, promote collagen, and relieve fatigue.
3. Red light: wavelength 670-690nm ±3nm/5 LEDs to activate skin cells, promotes the formulation of collagen, remove wrinkles of eyes and eye bags.
4. Blue light: wavelength 445-465nm ±3nm/5 LEDs, to reduce inflammation, kills bacteria and reduce acne.
5. Yellow light: wavelength 570- 590nm ±3nm/5 LEDs, improves cellular oxygen exchange and promote micro-circulation to replenish energy for skin cells.


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2 reviews for Heated LED Therapy Eye Massager

  1. I LOVE this item. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. It’s like a spa treatment every evening. After I apply my skin care I lay back in bed and go through each of three different light therapies that is offered. The warmth is so soothing and the vibration is ultra relaxing. when I’ve finished the treatment my eye area feels extremely refreshed. The price of the unit is amazing compared with others on the market. I’m super happy and can’t wait to see more results after continued use! I love my face. Thank you A Face To Love!

    • Wonderful! We are so happy you are enjoying this and appreciate your review too 😍

  2. Sooo relaxing. Great to get rid of headaches too.

    • So glad you love it Bethany x

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